The Scroll of Atankharzim, Part 1
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The Fourth Vial
Included in Scroll Part I, or see the Subspace Rift Sathanas, below.

Fighter and Bomber Mods

GVF Shu — Vasudan Myrmidon equivalent.

GTF Vesuvius (Sesq.'s reskin) — A reskin of Aldo's original fighter, with some minor bugfixes as well.

GVB Maahes — The GVB Maahes, created in 2003 by Galemp based on a concept render by Dark. This is the standard-poly version, now replaced by the new HTL version below.

GVB Maahes — New, high-poly version of the GVB Maahes, upgraded in 2014 by The Dagger.

Capital Ships

Subspace Rift Sathanas (retail|SCP) — A modified Sathanas capable of generating in-game the subspace disturbance used to destroy Capella in the cutscene Endgame. Includes a modified POF, three new SubspaceRift weapons, authentic sound and visual effects, and a demonstration mission.

GVSC Imhotep — A Vasudan science cruiser able to deploy four small remote research pods. The Imhotep was going to appear in SA until Galemp created the GVSC Nidaba. The Imhotep is now available to the public for download.

GTSC Schroedinger — Originally created with the working title GTSC Faustus Mk II, this is a next-generation Terran science vessel. (Note: the proper spelling - which is used in the Scroll ships.tbl - is Schroedinger, with the e.)

GVCv Udjat — Older version of the new multi-role corvette used in the campaign.

GVCv Udjat — New, high-poly version the Udjat, upgraded in 2017 and again in 2022 by Nyctaeus.

GVCa Tanen — Older version of the new giant Vasudan carrier, originally used by Inferno.

GTCa Warlock — New, high-poly version of the giant Terran carrier, originally used by Inferno.


Lucifer Beam Weapon — Carefully crafted and balanced to reproduce the Shivan Super Laser in true beam format.

Interface art for the SF Dragon — Provides everything necessary for a complete player-flyable ship. Originally made for the FreeSpace Port before Galemp learned how to do 3D animated interface art.

Shield ani for the SB Vindhyachal — Robin Varley's SB Vindhyachal is an excellent mod, and I suggest you go find and download it if you don't already have it. However, it has no proper shield ani for the HUD, so I made this at someone's request.

Interface art tutorial and templates — People often ask me to do interface art for them, or at least for interface art templates so they can do their own. Here they are, and a fully illustrated tutorial to go with them. Includes low- and high- resolution versions of the templates for loadout overheads, shield animations for the HUD, ship selection animations (ship on a green grid), and weapon animations (weapon on a green grid). (Nota bene: The green-grid templates are designed for single-frame animations only. If you want full moving ones, I suggest playing around in the animation areas of your 3D modelling program.)